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I Got My Bathroom Remodeled

@ 09:30 PM (33 months, 21 days ago)
I just finished having my bathroom remodeled and I couldn't be any more thrilled. It cost me about $6,000 from start to finish but it was worth every single one of those red cents.

Our old bathroom was atrocious. You should have seen it. It was pink and green. The main tiles on the were a wonderful shade of medicine and the accept tiles were a clashing green.

We got some advice about how to get the budget done from a family friend, Bruce Graunya. Great good, too bad he lives nowhere near us but he helped us through every step of the process from finding a local contractor to how to make the last payment. He made us withhold 10% until the entire job was completed to our satisfaction. love the tile on the floor. Sorry the picture isn't the greatest. I don't think it does it justice. I'm looking forward to our next remodeling project. I that we are going to use pinterest a lot generate ideas as well as this architect. We want to add a second floor to the home and add two more bathrooms up there. Our family is growing! I'm sure that Bruce will be a great asset for us again too.

Our budget for the remodel is going to be about $150,000 so we should be able to get a pretty good addition. I'm more interested in getting lot's of good detailing than just a big square box so a lot of the budget will go to millwork details and things like that.

Well that's all for now. We're going to take the first step tomorrow and call the architect. I'll keep you updated.